Dimethyl Disulfide- DMDS 99.6%

(DMDS Producing Line)


Chemical Formula : C2H6S2

molecular W.T.. : 94.20

Applications :
Used as an activator in hydrodesulphurization process of oil refinery, and in presulfurization process, an inhibitor in cracking coking of petrochemicals, also an intermediate for solvent and pesticides.

DMDS is used in a wide variety of applications, including:

Oil refining: optimal maintenance of production units. DMDS is used in oil refineries as a sulfiding / presulfiding agent to activate the catalysts of hydrotreating units. This is an indispensable but delicate operation. That is why OINO offers its clients .an on-site sulfiding service carried out by highly qualified technicians. OINO has also developed an improved, lower odor version of DMDS .
Petrochemicals: to reduce the number of decoking operations. Operators in the petrochemicals industry must protect their steam cracking coils against the formation of coke and carbon monoxide. DMDS by OINO is the ideal sulfurous product for them. DMDS can be added continuously to the raw materials to maintain an optimal sulfur level, making it possible to reduce the number of decoking operations. The secondary reactions to these operations are easier to control and the production cycles are lengthened.
DMDS is also used in various other sectors, including:

Fine chemicals, as chemical intermediate
Metallurgy for its anti-corrosion properties.

Specifications :


DMDS Purity : ,

99.60 Pct. Min.

Density ( 20/4 Deg. C) :

1.062 ?0.02

Appearance :

Colorless Or Light Yellow Liquid

Sulphur Content: .

68.1 Ptc. Min

Water Content :

0 - 0.06 Ptc . Max .,

Flash Point(Cc): 

16 Deg. C. Min

Boiling Point :

108 Deg. C-110 Deg. C

Refractive Index:

1.526 ?0.02 ( 20 Deg C )

1.508 ?0.02 ( 30 Deg.C )

Incandesce Reside :

0 --- 0.1 Pct

Total Nitrogen:

0 - 100 pPM

Solubility :

insoluble in water , soluble in alcohol and ether .

methyl mercaptan content:


non volatile residue.:

0.03% Max

freezing point:

- 121 F( - 85 DEG C ) 

viscosity at 25 c -cp :


vapor pressure @ 25 c -mm :

28.6 mmHg 

surface tension at 20 c - dynes/cm.:


Packing Style :


1). Packed in 20 FT stainless steel ISO- tank ,it is 24CBM. and put total 24 Mt Max in one 20 FT ISO tank container in bulk . ISO Tank's size : 6058mm X 2438mmX 2591mm .ISO –tank made in French and UK. Germany .quality certificated by ABS . BV. LLOYD). with 500mm manhole on top.

2)Packed In 240 Kg. New Iron Drum And Firmly Strapped. Non-returnable new Steel Drums to withstand hydrostatic test pressure of 40 PSIG for 5 minutes. total 19.20Mt in one 20 FT Container

3)Packed In 200 Kg. New Iron Drum And Firmly Strapped. Non-returnable new Steel Drums to withstand hydrostatic test pressure of 40 PSIG for 5 minutes





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